U2- The current architect

What is an architect?

Strictly, an architect is the one who makes architecture. However, it is much more than that. An architect is someone who makes art. An architect is a creative person who is always seeking for innovation. An architect is someone who is able to transform their ideas into reality. An architect is someone who is able to adapt to any situation.

An architect must have a creative vision and artistic thinking, since he or she must create spaces. On top of that, an architect must play with these spaces, with light, materials, textures… creating a whole composition. This way, the architect must fulfill his or her artistic goals or “concerns”. Apart from this, an architect must of course have technical and practical knowledge. Finally, an architect needs to have an ethical and psychological background. By this, I mean that architects must understand people’s needs. In the end, when creating spaces, these have to be subjected not only to beauty, but to people’s needs.

In order to meet or fulfill these aspects, the architect needs some sort of training. This way, he or she will broaden their mind and creativity. Firstly, the architect must learn to see, to analyze everything that surrounds us. To achieve this, an architect must draw, photograph, travel, read, watch films… Architects must be surrounded by all forms of culture and art, they have to be soaked with them. Secondly, architects must learn to think in order to be critical. Architects have to be in constant dialogue with their colleagues with the objective of being more knowledgeable. Thirdly, architects must learn to create: to understand materials, composition, construction technics and people’s needs. Basically, it is about transforming ideas into reality.

“To be an architect is to be able to turn a house into a dream. And at the same time being able to turn a dream into a house. (…) I repeat that an architect, what he or she does is build ideas, dreams, materialise ideas. Or make dreams come true”

Quiero ser arquitecto, (2015), Alberto Campo Baeza

As a matter of fact, Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most important architects of the 20th century, wrote a series of tips “To the young one who dedicates to architecture”. In the series, he warns us that to be an architect, you must have a deep and faithful passion for architecture. Besides, he advises the young architect to analyze everything from the most general to the details and to look for the reason of the existence of things. Moreover, he insists on the importance of maturity and formation and of the character of projects. Finally, he gives more practical pieces of advice.

Being an architect is an exhausting profession. The architect will forever be surrounded by architecture. It will flood your mind, both awake and asleep, in your dreams. I’m not quite sure about how to define an architect, but I know for sure I want to become one.

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